“Love Is War For Miles / 7 Bar Thing” EP release December 7th 2018 on Theo Parrish’s Sound Signature Label

This live performance was recorded at a major transition point in my career. Earlier that week, I had announced that I had left Electric Wire Hustle, and subsequently my social media feeds were going absolutely berserk. I had booked 2 concerts doing support for Miguel Atwood-Ferguson’s Australian tour and while it was definitely Miguel’s show, the timing of the EWH departure gave the night extra gravitas. Miguel had essentially enlisted Hiatus Kaiyote to be his band, and I’d coordinated with Mark de Clive-Lowe to fly him from Los Angeles to be part of the trio with my kiwi compatriot Scott Maynard, so it was an international who’s who of up-n-coming progressive jazz, soul and hip hop all converging on Sydney for the opening night

Needless to say, I had something to prove.

I had been a fan of Theo Parrish’s music for years ever since seeing him DJ in Tokyo on a double bill we had when I was performing in the Recloose Live Band. I recall listening to “Love Is War For Miles” while drifting off to sleep one night, and hearing how the different loops and layers morphed in and out of each other, and almost had an out-of-body experience. I recognised that the piece that Mr Parrish put together would make for excellent raw material to improvise with, particularly with Mark de Clive-Lowe who’s knowledge and deep roots of both the jazz idiom and dance/electronic music is second to none.

All I had to give the trio in the rehearsals for this was the sketch of rhythm and harmony from the original, and a small piece of guidance for the form.

  1.  start with unrecognised fragments
  2.  find our way into the rhythm
  3.  hit the melody 4 times
  4.  deliberately break everything and look for the unknown
  5.  find our way back home.

What you’re hearing is that journey in that moment.

The music from this performance, meeting Miguel Atwood-Ferguson on this tour, and the energy between Mark & I specifically went on to become the catalyst for my album OnePointOne which was recorded about a year or so later in Los Angeles. Not only that, but Theo Parrish himself had cottoned on to the piece off of a Soundcloud link and swooped in to sign it for his Sound Signature label, and a few months later flew me out from New Zealand to tour with his band The Unit through Europe. Both OnePointOne and the Theo Parrish tour have been high points of my career so far, and the catalyst for all of that can be traced back to one night in Sydney in 2013, recorded and preserved right here for your listening pleasure.

While it’s only a small 2 track snippet, and definitely has some roughness around the edges, it’s a worthwhile addition to the discography to mark the end of an old era and the beginning of a new one.

Happy listening!

Love Is War For Miles / 7 Bar Thing


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