Myele Manzanza debut album ‘ONE’ OUT NOW on BBE Records

One cover art


Myele Manzanza’s prowess as a drummer have earned him a reputation as a musician capable of seamlessly traversing jazz, hip-hop, r’n'b, electronica, broken-beat, soul and world music. For the past six years he has traveled the globe as part of New Zealand’s acclaimed modern soul group, Electric Wire Hustle and turned heads internationally with his charismatic live performance and technical skill. Now stepping forward with his solo debut Myele reveals another dimension of his musical persona.

Get your copy of Myele’s album ‘ONE’ here 




Myele Manzanza ‘On The Move’ featuring Rachel Fraser 


On The Move Single art


On The Move is the first single from the forthcoming international release of Myele’s debut solo album ‘One’ on BBE Records.
Check out the awesome video produced by Hippy Parents here: On The Move Video 

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